Recent Publication

Inter-Sectoral Bisphenol A (BPA) Flows in the 2012 Chinese Economy.

Jiang, D. *; Chen, W.-Q.; Liu, W.; and Chertow, M.*

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Economic growth and the evolution of material cycles: An analytical framework integrating material flow and stock indicators.

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Anthropogenic Cycles of Arsenic in Mainland China: 1990-2010. 

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石磊, 陈伟强

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Changing patterns and determinants of infrastructures’ material stocks in Chinese cities

Cheng Huang, Ji Han,, Wei-Qiang Chen. 

Resources, Conservation and Recycling. Available online 30 June 2016

Anthropogenic arsenic cycles: A research framework and features

Wei-Qiang Chen *, Ya-Lan Shi, Shi-Liang Wu, Yong-Guan Zhu **.

Journal of Cleaner Production. 39 (2016) : 328-336.

 Deriving the Metal and Alloy Networks of Modern Technology 

 Hajime Ohno, Philip Nuss, Wei-Qiang Chen and Thomas E. Graedel

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Structural Investigation of Aluminum in the US Economy using Network Analysis

Nuss,P.,Chen, W.-Q.,Ohno,H.and Graedel,T.E.

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Building the Material Flow Networks of Aluminum in the 2007 U.S. Economy

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In-Use Product Stocks Link Manufactured Capital to Natural Capital

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